Investment Banking Firm Madison Street Capital Wins Major Award

At a recent gathering, the investment banking firm Madison Street Capital was in position to win a major award. While attending the event held by the M&A Advisors organization, Madison Street Capital won the Debt Financing of the Year Award. With this award, the firm was able to further establish itself as one of the leading investment banking firms around. The leadership of M&A Advisors were pleased to provide Madison Street Capital with this prestigious award. The event was held as the 16th annual Awards Gala where a number of financial services firms attend to be recognized for their performance and service to their clients.


By winning the Debt Financing of the Year Award, Madison Street Capital became recognized for putting together the best debt restructuring deal for the past year. During this transaction, the firm helped WLR Automotive find a way to rearrange its debts so that it can be more financially stable and more profitable in the future. Madison Street Capital has emerged as one of the top firms when it comes to helping companies reorganize debts and financial obligations. The firm’s winning of this award has further demonstrated its expertise in helping clients better manage their financial assets.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that offers a wide range of services to corporate clients and publicly held companies. It is based in Chicago, Illinois and serves as a boutique investment banking firm. This means that it is a smaller firm but provides services that are very valuable. Compared to larger investment banking firms, Madison Street Capital is more personalized as it provides clients with even more attention and assistance then their larger counterparts. Over the years, Madison Street Capital has helped a number of companies manage their finances more effectively as well as well as put themselves in better position to be more successful. Today, the firm provides assistance to clients located all over the world.


One of the things that has shaped the Madison Street Capital Reputation is its services. The firm provides a wide range of comprehensive services for many different clients. One of the most common services the firm provides is mergers and acquisitions. This entails helping companies merge together to combine assets as well as products and services. Another service this firm provides is business valuation where it goes over and assesses that overall value of a given company. Madison Street Capital also provides debt financing and financial advice. These services enable clients to restructure their debt as well as find more efficient ways to manage their capital.


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Securus Technologies, Revolutionizing Inmate Services with Modern Solutions

Securus Technologies has made significant progress over the last few years. This company specializes in correctional facility telecommunications, of all different forms. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus has facility management connections in the US, Canada, and, Mexico. They’ve been in business since 1986, giving them well over 30 years in business. The company has also acquired JPay recently. This is a smart move, as it connects inmates with access to educational applications, as well as, having a place to communicate with more freedom. Although these are recent products of JPay‘s, they still function as a full-service money transmitter, to assist friends and family with putting money into the inmate’s account.


Securus Technologies primarily helps inmates connect with their world outside of the correctional facility. Video chat enables a great alternative to in-person visits, which can be quite costly for the visitors. The chance of a visit being canceled can be quite frustrating, should there be a lockdown or emergency in the facility. Affordable calling options have also been integrated recently. Securus Technologies also provides commissary options, to help the inmates enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures.


Securus Technologies has also recently been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Having received an “A+” grade is rather impressive, as the BBB can be rather stringent in their grading system. Securus Technologies has also received outstanding survey scores, far above what would be expected in a business of this type. Having well over 95 percent customer satisfaction, Securus is delighting its customers.


Securus also provides many other services such as monitoring. This is valuable to the inmates, as well as, the facility staff. Crimes and, investigations have been assisted by this technology. Securus Technologies continues to revolutionize the business of correctional facility management, providing benefit to not only the inmates but, to all others involved as well.


Sussex Healthcare – Specializing In Audiology

There are many reasons why Sussex Healthcare now offers an amazing audiology specialized service. Sussex Healthcare is a multi-facility care provider best recognizable for their impressive and dedicated elder care homes.

This remarkable audiology program enables Sussex Healthcare staff to have a convenient program to assess, test for and treat the many hearing impaired patients that they care for on a regular basis. This is terrific news for family members concerned about their loved one’s hearing problems. This healthcare system offers many other unique services that benefit so many patients and their family members. The innovative audiology program puts access to hearing services in a convenient location for family members that find it hard to locate area hearing providers.

Sussex Healthcare is adamant regarding their mission that states that every one of their patients always deserves the best healthcare and support with attention to deep respect for the patient. This healthcare provider can now provide reliable hearing tests that can determine every patient’s individualized and current hearing capabilities. These accurate hearing tests are given by audiology professionals expertly trained to administer and interpret the results. With aid of the healthcare employees of Sussex Healthcare, these competent audiology specialists develop care plans to help each diverse and individual patient to experience improved hearing.

According to the tiny electrical components, within these smaller hearing devices, allows a better hearing potential without distracting interference. These compact hearing devices don’t create annoying background noises and static interference from surrounding environments. Built to mimic the inner ear’s unique and complex hearing interpretation center, these hearing aids are almost miraculous. They are finely tuned and built to pick up even sensitive sounds. It then translates these signals from sound vibrations and precise nerve impulses. These devices send a distinctive signal that the brain area associated with hearing then receives allowing the individual to hear.

The practical aspects of this intriguing audiology service from Sussex Healthcare is easy to recognize. It is estimated that 70% of those older individuals aged 70+ will develop hearing loss related to the normal aging process in humans. Others develop hearing deficits due to injuries or severe infections involving the ears. An elderly person, either already diagnosed with hearing issues or just curious about their troubling new hearing problems, can get a hearing expert’s accurate hearing/tinnitus assessment. Tinnitus is a balance disorder that often causes a ringing or buzzing noise inside the ears.

Betsy DeVos Leads with a Generous Heart

A mentor has the capability of taking you from where you currently are and putting you on the mountaintop of your potential. The mentor is our guide and friend, and they teach us from both their mistakes and accomplishments. Many young women today do not have a suitable mentor. The ones they idolize on T.V. promote all the wrong values, which in the end destroy a society. Rather than looking at these so-called “idols” who encourage depravity, a young girl would be better served looking at the life that Betsy DeVos has led.


The life of Betsy DeVos shows us why we must all start with a strong foundation. Betsy DeVos attended two private schools that set her off in the right direction. The first private school was Holland Christian High School. This place instilled into young Betsy’s heart a passion for Christian private education. The second private school Betsy attended was Calvin College. Here, after years of study, she received an economics degree in business.


The life of Betsy DeVos also shows us why we all must promote our values. Every worldview is competing for dominance. That is just the truth. If you want your worldview to be on top, then you better be out there promoting your ideas. Betsy DeVos has done this by becoming politically active. She has served the Republican party as both the National Committeewoman for Michigan (1992-1997) as well as the Chairwoman of the Republican Party in Michigan (1996-2000). The Republicans were so pleased with her service in this role that they re-elected her to that position in 2003.


Betsy DeVos also promoted her views by heading up several Super PACs. She was a member of the Board for “Alliance for School Choice.” Also, she served the All Children Matter PAC as the head of the organization. Her legacy in the field of education would be solidified when she served as the Secretary of Education within the Trump administration.


The life of Betsy DeVos also shows us why it is important to start something of our own. Betsy DeVos teamed up with her husband Dick DeVos to create their own Foundation. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation seeks to transform our country’s cultural landscape by bolstering the five virtues that make a country strong. These virtues are education, community, arts, leadership, and justice.


Through the DeVos Foundation, Betsy has given $140 million to various organizations who support these great virtues. In 2015, DeVos generously gave over $11 million to help make our country a better place. This consistent giving has earned her the #24 spot on Forbes list of top American donors. Also, she donates to hospitals and conservative think tanks.


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The Re-branding Of Huffpost Brings On New Dynamics to Marketing

Founded by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has grown to be a leader in video marketing solution by helping businesses retain customers, increase sales and profits as well as stay on top of the competition. They also offer a dynamic way of marketing which is more persuasive, memorable and engaging. Additionally, their services are marketed by independent associated across 140 countries. The good thing about this marketing solution is that it’s open to anyone who wishes to try before making any purchases. When the company first started, they only concentrated on the email marketing system, but over the years they have expanded their products to video email and video newsletter.


Bob brings out a new dynamic to huff post after two of his articles went live. The two articles “how to understand your audience” and “promoting the purpose” went live on April days after the Huffington post was rebranded to HuffPost with the latest publication “how to thrive in a social quitters” posted days later.


The rebranding of the Huffington post is aimed at telling stories of individuals that have not been heard in the mainstream media. Irrespective of your location and the story behind your struggle and success, the Huffington post will showcase whatever you have to share. One of the HuffPost key initiatives is intertwined with Reina’s contributions as Talk Fusions Figurehead and contributor. He also firmly believes in the need for innovation because without it a brand growth wouldn’t be complete.


That is why as a leader and philanthropist he aims at setting up individuals for success despite their background, and this is evident from his articles. Reina has made a lot of contribution on the platform since 2016 with most of the issues highlighted revolving around self-development, skillful selling, lifestyle, video technology trends, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Bob Reina is also pleased that even with the launch of the platform it still holds the things that matter which includes fulfillment and culture. According to Bob, the publications aren’t going to stop anytime soon especially now that they have reached close to two hundred million readers. Learn more:


The Best of Swiss Startup Factory with Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessman who ensured that he always prospered in a venture that he did hence these motivated him in the development of one of the top organization named Swiss Startup Factory. He acts as the executive chairman and co-founder of the organization. The company is situated in Switzerland. Furthermore, investment is the main sector that he is good at he always ensured that he also provides better leadership in the organization. Another sector that he is better at is the banking industry whereby he has an exceptional experience hence these made it easier for him to start various business hence he became successful. Through graduating from Rochester University and Berne University with an MBA enabled to have sufficient knowledge developing business all over the world.


Most of the upcoming entrepreneurs are grateful for the guidance that they have been able to get from Mike Baur hence they are successful. He is certain that the upcoming entrepreneurs are the future business people who will take the business to a greater level. He ensures that he directs them through the right path an also give them small capitals to begin their business so they can be prosperous. Furthermore, he also guides them through ensuring that they always abide through better values that are connected with the business hence they will become prosperous. His main role Swiss Startup Factory is to be in control of the fundraising programs and financial sector. Baur main accomplishment is through partnering Fintech Fusion and CTI hence they provide better services to clients.


Through the daily activity that Swiss Startup Factory carry enabled the organization to be recognized and became one of the best private companies. Through the 3 months course that they offer enabled the upcoming entrepreneurs to have more expertise in developing their business and make more profits.


The development of the organization is through the particular goals that they have including working together these motivate the staff members in the organization to work more efficiently. Furthermore, the organization is able to pay their staff members better salary these is due to the greater profits that they make hence the staff members are able to take care of their family needs. Swiss Startup Factory has been able to create employment all over the world hence they have been able to give people better living. Mike Baur is certain that through him always providing better strategies in the organization they will provide more efficient services to their client.


Fabletics’ Massive Growth from Scratch To A Million Dollar Brand

Kate Hudson is an America actress who rose to fame after taking part in the movie “Almost Famous” in 2002 in which she played the role Penny Lane. Kate Hudson won a Golden Globe Award. Kate Hudson was also nominated for the Academy Award for that one role. Born in April 19, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, Kate Hudson attended Crossroads preparatory. After graduation Kate Hudson was accepted into the New York University, but instead chose to pursue acting as a career. Over the years, Kate Hudson has displayed an outstanding performance in the film and acting industry having taken part in many major films. In 2013, Kate Hudson decided to venture into something different on the side. Kate Hudson partnered with JustFab, an online fashion retailer, so as to launch her work out clothes firm. The firm is called Fabletics.


Fabletics is an online store that sells women’s sportswear and athleisure. Headquartered in El Segundo, California, United States of America, Fabletics has grown over the past few years to gain competitive advantage in the market. This has been greatly attributed to the “power of the crowd” that Fabletics uses as leverage. This is simply because many consumer purchases are heavily dictated by the good reviews and recommendations of a product. By simply embracing user reviews, Fabletics has been able to grow to over $235 million in revenue. Since we are in a digital era and whenever a consumer reviews a certain product people close attention to the review since they trust what the user has to say about it. This plays a key role in their decision making process. The fruits come in when a user reviews a product positively. This will lead to an increase in customers, increase in revenue and one is even able to retain a good number of customers. It is because of this that Fabletics is greatly obsessed with its customers and is actively involved in their reviews.


According to colleagues at Fabletics, Kate Hudson is said to have liked the brand so much that she even goes out of her way to make sure it rises above its competitors. So authentic she is about the brand that she is heavily involved in the day to day activities. Kate Hudson even reviews Fabletics’ budget and picks the best social media strategy among many other things. Furthermore when Fabletics faced negative press that it was a scam Kate Hudson was at the forefront of clearing the air. It is with no doubt that Kate Hudson loves Fabletics. Moreover, it is very important for anyone who would like to purchase any item from Fabletics to take the Lifestyle Quiz. This helps clients get personalized and custom fit attire that suits you, your lifestyle and preference.

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Sawyer Howitt: The Future Olympic Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is best known for being a bright young millennial who is a project manager at the Meriwether Group. However, he is also becoming one of the rising talents in the world of Racquetball. Sawyer Howitt has a great future ahead of him and many predict Sawyer Howitt will represent the United States in the Racquetball Men’s Olympics in the near future.

Sawyer Howitt is on the Racquetball Club of Portland team based in Oregon, Portland. Sawyer Howitt’s father, David Howitt is founder of the Meriwether group.

Sawyer Howitt has loved racquetball his entire life. While a student at Lincoln High School, he joined the school’s racquetball team. He mostly took part in the men’s high school singles where he managed to win most of his matches. Sawyer gained most of his talent from being on the high school team. During his time on the Portland Racquetball Club, Sawyer Howitt improved his game, allowing him to enter the national scene. Many Racquetball followers have seen his skill and now only time will tell when he will make it onto the national team.

Sawyer Howitt gained prominence in Oregon, when he took part in the Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships. He ended up as a runners-up and failed to win a match but delivered a strong performance against upper classman Eric Poppleton. Sawyer Howitt’s game has improved even more and is now expected to make it to most of the events that are scheduled in Oregon for this year.

Sawyer Howitt will be the next icon in racquetball circles. Sawyer Howitt even has the skill and dedication to possibly become the greatest Racquetball player of all time. Sawyer Howitt continues to improve his game even while working at his father’s company the Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt has said it takes a lot to become a pro racquetball player. Howitt says you must first research the best path to becoming a pro. Second, you must dedicate yourself to a gameplan. If you want to become the best, Sawyer says you must find the right coach. You may even have to travel far to find him. He also says you must practice every day.

Jeremy Goldstein Looks To The Future With A New Legal Referral Service

Legal referral’s have always been an area of concern within the industry that are difficult to consider for many in need of assistance as they wish to make sure the correct lawyer is always chosen for their needs. In the state of New York, the State Bar Association has recently launched a new Website based referral service allowing individuals to link up with attorneys including Jeremy Goldstein in a way that is fast, simple and effective. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has been inoperation by the New York State Bar Association for a number of years as a telephone based option, but a new Web based service has now been launched many hope will encourage more people with legal issues to find a competent lawyer in the state.


The latest Online development from the New Ypork Bar Association has been established to work alongside the existing telephone system already in place to make sure the correct lawyer is always available in the most pressing of circumstances. To take part in the service a potential client simply accesses the Website of the Lawyer Referral and Information Service where they complete a short questionnaire, from the recommended lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein a choice can be made that will include a 30 minute consultation for a small $35 fee.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founding partner of Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, a boutique law firm working with the upper echelons of the business and industrial sector. Through advising executives and business leaders Jeremy Goldstein aids the development of companies in a range of industrial sectors with their growth and financial success.


Over the course of his career, Jeremy Goldstein has become one of the most awarded and respected figures in New York’s legal profession and has been appointed the Chair of the Bar Association’s Mergers & Acquisitions Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee.


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Richard Blair Guides His Clients in Building Solid Financial Futures

Wealth Solutions is an Investment Advisory firm in Austin, Texas, founded by Richard Blair. The firm is focused on helping individuals and small businesses make positive choices regarding their investment portfolios. Many clients at Wealth Solutions are affluent and they rely on the experience and honest advice given by Richard, to help them management their assets. Learn more:

Wealth Solutions helps people create an investment portfolio that match their level of risk tolerance and financial goals. Many investment vehicles that are not available to all investors, are available through wealth management programs. Clients are offered a wide range of conventional investments as well as alternative investments.

Wealth Solutions is geared towards designing diversified portfolios that let clients benefit from market upswings, without taking extreme risks. Richard talks with his clients and lets them tell him what they need and desire and he sets out to build strategies to help them achieve these goals.

His clients know that his advice is based on their best interests. He is active in continuing education, to keep up with the changes in the industry. The company uses the most up-to-date information on taxes, legal issues and estate planning to help his clients with expert recommendations. Learn more:

Richard Blair has always been connected with education. His mother, grandmother and wife were all teachers. He sees himself as an educator to his clients. He helps them see and understand the opportunities available to them. Then he helps them select the ones that best meet their objectives.

After graduating from college, Richard went to work in the financial markets. In 1994, he started Wealth Solutions. He is continually increasing his knowledge of retirement planning and continuing his own education in the field of finance. Richard helps his clients improve their results by avoiding many of the pitfalls in the industry.

Wealth Solutions has about $52 million in assets under management. They work to help their clients preserve their wealth, while attaining a reasonable return on their assets. The firm helps clients build and maintain a legacy that can be passed on to future generations. With his over 22 years of experience in the industry, Richard strives to keep his clients in positions that will build their wealth even further. Learn more: