Alddo Molinar Describes How Employers can Upgrade Their Employees Mental Health

Anesthesiologist Dr. Alddo Molinar believes that depression, anxiety, and stress mainly come from work people do because they have terminal deadlines. Also, people can be uncomfortable with how they are treated by co-workers or bosses. Poor payments can also add up to unfair treatment. Dr. Alddo Molinar says that employers handling many workers may never recognize how different employees interpret their actions. Business leaders cannot focus on each team member, so they act on behalf of everyone. 


The best thing employers can do is to establish a favorable environment that suits their mental health. Dr. Alddo Molinar retaliates that employers are more interested in upgrading workers; mental health to establish a less frustrating atmosphere. Also, employers target the workers’ kindness, and the efforts can improve business and the bottom lines. Alddo Molinar adds that employers can take care of employees in different ways. For instance, when employees in a given organization miss because of sickness, employers experienced reduced productivity and an approximately $530B loss annually. 


Dr. Alddo Molinar on Mental Health


Sickness is mainly associated with physical wellness, but it might be triggered by mental challenges that can in turn result in physical problems. Whenever employees are overly stressed, they might not concentrate on work. Employers seeking to establish a moderate working environment have low absenteeism rates and also lower sick day losses. Dr. Alddo Molinar highlights that employees increase their loyalty levels when they feel cared for and appreciated in their positions and operations. This translates into higher productivity, and low labor turnover. Thus, these businesses do not waste time finding other experts and also training them to match the job descriptions. 


Companies can have reliable staff members, especially during difficult times. Alddo Molinar believes that comfortable working environments translate into a better mood; something that translates into better consumer services. Happy clients become loyal to a certain business, and so they will buy more products. Alddo says that employees should render relaxation spaces for workers to ensure they blow off some steam and become more fruitful. Thus, employers can offer game rooms, meditation, workout centers among others. After these distinguished sessions, workers will commit their efforts to different tasks.