Knowing Fortress Investment Group More

With assets managed across three primary geographical regions US, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Fortress also has a US real estate practice. Fortress Investment Group (FIG) provides clients with advice and services including product development, portfolio management, investment banking, trading and research, and private placement capital raising. Headquartered in New York […]

Krishen Iyer a Step Ahead

Some people set career goals that really follow a straight line. Krishen Iyer is not one of those people. A self starter right out of college he successfully launched MNP or you might know it as Name my Premium. The successful businessman Krishen Iyer´s insurance company was so successful that […]

Jason Hope: How to Extend Lifespan

Many people want to get the most out of their lives. Jason Hope, a futurist, and entrepreneur who is passionate about extending the human lifespan believes that we can do just that. In this blog post, he shares his thoughts on how you can extend your lifespan with these 5 […]