Gary McGaghey Recap

Gary McGaghey has extensive CFO experience, which he uses to guide Williams Lea Tag as Group CFO. As the dedicated financial leader for Williams Lea Tag, Gary plans and implements strategies to reshape the company’s financial strategy on a global scale. He was previously Chief Financial Officer at Bovis Lend […]

 Gary McGaghey

Gary McGaghey has a wealth of experience as a Finance Manager and Group Chief Financial Officer of multinational corporations. He has primarily worked as a consultant with Williams Lea Tag & Associates. PE Company and Advent International invested in Williams Lea Tag, which Gary McGaghey joined as a partner. McGovern’s […]

 Gary McGaghey, the CFO

In every organization, roles are clearly defined and assigned to the individuals with that specialization or a given department. These roles keep evolving as time goes by, requiring the individuals responsible for continually advancing their skills to suit the changes. The CFO role is among the roles that are very […]