Gurps Rai – CEO Of DroppTV

Gurps Rai, also known as Gurpeet Singh Rai, is a British entrepreneur and co-founder of the droppTV interactive media platform. This technology lets viewers shop on the screen for a variety of products. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector and has a net worth […]

Yves Mirabaud

Mirabaud Group see three trends driving our success: We have become a global company. Our products have become increasingly digital. We have grown our presence across all continents and countries. Our customers are now everywhere, not just within the Netherlands. Our interest rate fell during the summer because of the […]

Jason Hope: How to Extend Lifespan

Many people want to get the most out of their lives. Jason Hope, a futurist, and entrepreneur who is passionate about extending the human lifespan believes that we can do just that. In this blog post, he shares his thoughts on how you can extend your lifespan with these 5 […]

Jason Hope: Supporter of Health Advances

An expert in anti-aging and longevity, entrepreneur Jason Hope commends the utilization of stem cells; however, he feels further research is needed to maximize the potential benefits of stem cells in medicine. With the union of medicine and technology, he foresees progress in using stem cells in longevity research. According […]