Experience A World Of Safety With The Unruly Citizen App

Citizen App is a crime app that has made waves across major cities in the United States. The App has recently launched paid tools linking users to high-end products and safety agents. The first paid feature is integral in bringing certainty by allowing subscribers to have the right to get a live safety agent.

But wait, Citizen prides itself in helping individuals stay informed or any potential incidents. The App utilizes police scanner traffic and crowd-sourced content to update subscribers of incidents within their vicinity. The App has attracted numerous users fascinated in ensuring the safety of their families and loved ones.

Nevertheless, Citizen strikes as a cutting-edge technology trend in the 21st century. The App’s new feature, Protect, is crucial in tracking a user’s location. Similarly, Protect plays a vital role in linking subscribers through messages or video with a Citizen employee for quick help.

Protect is significant in starting a public incident and notifying the user’s emergency contact. The unruly digital trend is taking its toll on major cities to guarantee safety. Citizen spokeswoman notes that Protect aims to minimize non-emergency calls. Of course, Citizen App has proved to be fundamental from the founding phases.

The Citizen App has been a one-way platform to date. But wait, what makes Citizen App unique and likable? You correctly ask. The App is most known to provide instant alerts on incidents. Its ability to tailor real-time situational awareness makes it convenient for users to make well-informed decisions.

Andrew Frame, Citizens’ Chief Executive Officer, maintains that Citizen Team has leveraged its prowess into making the App a two-way system. What does this mean? Well, users can now get help from Citizen besides receiving real-time safety alerts. Initiated in 2016, the App has achieved impressive feats and has been expanding its sphere across the United States. The App today gloats nearly 8 million users. Go to this page for more information.


More about Citizen on https://citizen.com/login