Exploring the Truly Inspiring Story of the Gordonstoun Student, Scarlett Sykes

Among the most inspiring teens of 2020 is Scarlett Sykes, the Gordonstoun School student who is looking to change the world by funding research into brain cancer.

She joined this prestigious UK school in 2019 after winning a scholarship.

Before joining Gordonstoun, she was studying in a partner school located in Mansfield.

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Sykes said that she resolved to start this notable cause following the death of his stepfather brought about by a brain tumor.

Understanding Syke’s Notable Course

This honorable Gordonstoun student mentioned that his stepfather was an awesome father who had achieved a lot in his short life.

His name was Paul Malcolm, and he had served as a British Army reservist for a couple of years before taking up a nursing job with the NHS.

She said that her mother and Paul were planning to wed before he found he had a stage three brain tumor.

Sykes said that the experience of watching her stepfather, who had been living a healthy vegetarian life, dying of a brain tumor changed her life.

Now she intends to use her fundraising charity campaign to increase awareness on brain tumors – a type of cancer that has been identified as one of the leading causes of death for children and people under forty.

Scarlett pointed out that she has been able to raise 3000 pounds by organizing a running charity event at the school, which will go to Brain Tumor Research.

About Gordonstoun School

This first-class Scottish school has nearly 550 students and offers a uniquely broad curriculum.

It comprises both a prep school and a senior school and admits students from four years to eighteen years in a day and boarding set up.

Most of the students here are boarders and the fee for boarders and day schoolers varies slightly.

Gordonstoun School boasts having state-of-the-art facilities that include music studios, a dance and drama center, and an expansive sports center.

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