Haroldo Jacobovicz Drives Successful Transformational Technology Service for the Corporate Market

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the chairman and founder of several telecoms and communication ventures. He is an accomplished entrepreneur who has focused his career on innovating and implementing transformational technologies and has a knack for transforming simple ideas into management, development, and productivity solutions. He has been a voracious mover and leader of several companies in hardware and software services, telecommunication, and his latest interest in cloud communication.

Haroldo Jacobovicz spent seven years in Military College and later four and a half years at the Federal University of Parana for his Civil Engineering degree. Just before he graduated, Haroldo and three friends started the Microsystem Company. It was directed at helping small businesses to improve and simplify their inventory and cash management. Though the market wasn’t quite ready for the new technology, he learned several valuable lessons. As he started his professional career, the young Curitiba native was drawn to Information Technology and its growth potential.

Haroldo Jacobovicz got a position at ESSO, currently known as Exxon Mobil Corporation, after getting selected from a group of more than 200 highly qualified individuals. He started as a reserve salesman and quickly rose through the ranks to become the south region market analyst. Later he relocated to Rio de Janeiro, where he was responsible for new business and commercial tactics. He also worked at Itaipu Binational as the financial assessor.

After gaining experience and expertise, it was time to work on his vision of launching a business in the technology industry. Haroldo Jacobovicz created Minauro, a company that offered computer rental and maintenance services. The solution provided a four-year contract that provided maintenance and hardware change every 18 months. It was an instant success in the south of the country. Later, it expanded to include financial, education, health, administrative, and tax management software. With the acquisition of Sisteplan, Perform and Consult, Haroldo created the e-Governe Group.

In 2010, Horizon Telecom was built to reach the corporate market by offering strategic, human, and technical resources. Today it’s one of the most successful telecom businesses in Brazil. In 2020, Haroldo Jacobovicz created Horizon Datacenter to provide cloud computing services.