How Hauser Insurance has helped businesses attenuate cybercrime

Hauser Insurance Group is an American private insurance company that offers risk management to individuals and corporations. It expanded its services to insurance businesses and companies against cybercrime risks following the increase in cyber attacks over the past year. According to their research, more than half of small to medium businesses have been victims of cybercrime at some point. Most businesses don’t find any need for insurance against cybercrime, either because they don’t think they can be the target for cyberattacks or don’t find it critical to secure their data.

In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, most companies and businesses were closed, forcing people to work remotely from home. The usage of digital space increased tremendously, and people used their mobile devices and personal computers much more, which created a more comprehensive target for cybercrime. Since most people don’t secure their home networks, it made it easier for cyberbullies to access the information they need, even from big companies.

Cybercriminals have been using automated ransomware to hack into companies’ databases and mine data, then blackmail them, threatening to release sensitive information if they don’t receive what they want from them.

Hauser Insurance Group uses software called CyberCube to analyze the potential cybercrime risk of its clients, who mainly comprise companies. They use the information derived from the analysis results to advise them on which insurance cover the company is supposed to apply for, based on their level of risk. They work with a team of highly skilled experts in risk management and cybersecurity to provide the best services to their clients globally.

Hauser Insurance encourages companies to educate their staff about cybercrime and avoid attacks like phishing even as they work remotely to protect themselves and the companies’ sensitive information. To ensure your company data is in safe hands, consider joining Hauser Insurance Group today.

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