Hussain Sajwani the head of DAMAC Properties

If wishes were horses, I would want the president to be part of my business deals. Unfortunately, this will remain a fantasy that might happen someday or may never happen at all.

Now imagine a man who has attracted even the attention of Donald Trump, mostly because of his exceptional business skills and his astute nature. The man we are talking about is Hussain Sajwani. The man has shaken the real estate industry and has endless accomplishments on his side. He is a man who seizes an opportunity and makes a billion out of it. Read more here: Donald Trump New Year Eve Speech | CNN

The 63 years old is the founder and the current Chairman of DAMAC Properties; a company that majors in property development. It takes passion, and a lot of zeal to come up with a business that attracts enviable attention in the Emirates.

Well, DAMAC properties have achieved this and have even partnered with international companies to come up with stylish properties that match the effervescence in Dubai. For instance, DAMAC Properties partnered with Donald Trump to feature Trump International golf course in their properties.

Evidently, Hussain has been the architect of his company’s growth and expansion since its formation in 2002. Sajwani is known for his grit, progressiveness and cautious attention to details. Also, Hussain Sajwani prefers to take on paths that other people dread or avoid.

For instance, one of his company’s notable marketing strategies is offering their apartment buyers a free Lamborghini or BMW during the month of January each year. Hussain Sajwani continues to use his immense knowledge and experience to propel his company to new heights and charm more clients.

Hussain is also known for his big heart and his philanthropic endeavors. Through his DAMAC properties, Sajwani has been donating lots to charitable organizations.

Recently, DAMAC properties donated AED two million in a campaign to cloth deprived children around the world. Progressively, Hussain Sajwani continues to be a role model and is showing what makes a remarkable business man.

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  1. His name reverberates in the real estate industry and I think that, because of his achievement in the industry, he has been able to attract big names in the industry. People like Donald Trump and bestessay reviews the rest of them, has got something to do with him. His affluence seems to be increasing at a constant rate and that does some good to his reputation.

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