Julie Zuckerberg Is An Example Of The Professional Woman

Julie Zuckerberg is living the life that would make any other New York woman jealous. Not does she have a high-end corporate career, but she is also living life in style. She loves to travel, decorate her house, try new food, socialize with her friends at the bar. She likes to live on the edge and experiment in trying new things. She is living the American dream of the typical 20-something.


She has is a native New Yorker and has lived almost entirely in the city her whole life. She had studied at City University of New York-Brooklyn College to get her career jumpstarted.


Julie Zuckerberg has a knack for sniffing out talent in the labor pool. This is how she had risen so quickly in the corporate world as a recruiter. She has a keen eye for the type of person that offers long-term reliability for her company so that they can maximize their ROI.


Her five-year tenure with Hudson had given her an insight in corporate recruitment. She had recruited manager, attorneys, and other support staff that the company needed. She was also involved with workplace communications and conflict resolvent. It was her first major job but she had learned enough to get her foot in the door.


In 2007, her career had really taken off when she joined Citi Global Consumer Bank as a recruiter once again. She had formulated different recruitment strategies that had kept the company a few steps ahead of the competition. She had also been responsible for wage negotiation, immigration paperwork, and international talent sourcing. She was also responsible for making sure the company had met certain diversity quotas.


She had a temporary stint with the New York Life Insurance Company. She head lead the hiring efforts for all job roles throughout the United States of America. She had also managed the outsourcing recruitment team for the company. All of her recruitment rounds for the company had been for full life cycle employment terms. She was also closely involved with the Senior Management team.


Following her long career with CITI and the New York Life Insurance Company, she is now the Talent Acquisition Lead for Deutsche Bank’s New York location. She leads negotiations when it comes to recruiting higher management positions. She works directly with the rest of the executive team to create more effective recruitment strategies. She is especially involved with recruitment for the US Asset Management and private wealth divisions.




Take A Ride On Japan’s Bullet Train With Kim Dao

People interested in Japan’s high-speed bullet trains should really check out Kim Dao’s latest vlog “Riding the BULLET TRAIN to TOKYO.” In this vlog, Kim Dao leaves her host family in Osaka and travels to Tokyo on one of Japan’s famous bullet trains.


Those who’ve watched Kim Dao’s previous vlogs already know that Kim took the normal trains to get to Osaka on this trip. She said that it took around 12 hours to get from Tokyo to Osaka just using Japan’s normal transportation system. The only reason Kim Dao took this boring 12-hour train ride was to avoid the Golden Week congestion on the bullet trains.


Luckily for Kim Dao, Golden Week ended before she had to get back to Tokyo. She was able to reserve a comfortable seat on a bullet train bound for the Japanese capital. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/


After a bit of breakfast, Kim Dao has to say goodbye to her host family. She shows her viewers around her host family’s restaurant in Osaka one last time.


Next, Kim Dao films around the “green car” in the bullet train. The “green car” is equivalent to 1st class on an airplane. There’s almost nobody in this VIP area of the train, so Kim Dao takes advantage of the opportunity and shows us all around the train. Learn more: https://www.depop.com/kimdaoblog


Kim Dao films outside her window to give viewers a sense of how fast the train is moving. She then shows us how the plush seats in the “green car” work. Learn more here: http://kimdao.net/about-me/


When she gets back to Tokyo, Kim Dao has dinner with her friends at a pizza restaurant.


David McDonald, OSI Group President

OSI Group is a leading global food-processing company that celebrated its 20th anniversary in China on September 12, 2012. The company has grown exponentially with China’s economy for more than two decades since it started serving McDonald’s among other big companies with food products. The Beijing Olympic Committee and McDonald’s highly appreciated the company for how it supplied food products. Since then, the company expanded its market to other brands such as; Papa John’s, Subway, Burger King, Starbucks, Saizeriya, and Starbucks.

OSI Group’s President David McDonald, said that the company is well positioned to serve the global market. David McDonald OSI Group also added that the management team of the company is sensitive and understands local tastes and cultures. The company works on global efficiency while considering local solutions.

David McDonald’s also noted that China is one of the company’s significant markets. China is still the largest consumer market globally meaning that it has the power of a growing population. Most customers in China are still undergoing growth, and the company wants to grow with them.

David McDonald’s explained that offering products and services to customers includes not only production capacity but also product development. OSI group ensures that it understands what type of products their clients need to ensure continued growth of their business. As a result, the company pays attention to customers’ goals to achieve the set outcome. McDonald’s also says that consumers have become more sophisticated and demanding in their choices of food.

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. He previously served as a Project Manager in the company before being promoted. He is also the Chairman of North American Meat Institute. In addition to that, David has served as an Independent Director at the renowned Marfrig Global Foods since 2008. At OSI Group, McDonald is also a member of the board of directors. At the moment, he is also a director at the Australian OSI International Foods Pty Limited.

David McDonald graduated from the Iowa State University with a Degree in Animal Science.