Jeremy Goldstein Looks To The Future With A New Legal Referral Service

Legal referral’s have always been an area of concern within the industry that are difficult to consider for many in need of assistance as they wish to make sure the correct lawyer is always chosen for their needs. In the state of New York, the State Bar Association has recently launched a new Website based referral service allowing individuals to link up with attorneys including Jeremy Goldstein in a way that is fast, simple and effective. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has been inoperation by the New York State Bar Association for a number of years as a telephone based option, but a new Web based service has now been launched many hope will encourage more people with legal issues to find a competent lawyer in the state.


The latest Online development from the New Ypork Bar Association has been established to work alongside the existing telephone system already in place to make sure the correct lawyer is always available in the most pressing of circumstances. To take part in the service a potential client simply accesses the Website of the Lawyer Referral and Information Service where they complete a short questionnaire, from the recommended lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein a choice can be made that will include a 30 minute consultation for a small $35 fee.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founding partner of Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, a boutique law firm working with the upper echelons of the business and industrial sector. Through advising executives and business leaders Jeremy Goldstein aids the development of companies in a range of industrial sectors with their growth and financial success.


Over the course of his career, Jeremy Goldstein has become one of the most awarded and respected figures in New York’s legal profession and has been appointed the Chair of the Bar Association’s Mergers & Acquisitions Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee.


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