Betsy DeVos Leads with a Generous Heart

A mentor has the capability of taking you from where you currently are and putting you on the mountaintop of your potential. The mentor is our guide and friend, and they teach us from both their mistakes and accomplishments. Many young women today do not have a suitable mentor. The ones they idolize on T.V. promote all the wrong values, which in the end destroy a society. Rather than looking at these so-called “idols” who encourage depravity, a young girl would be better served looking at the life that Betsy DeVos has led.


The life of Betsy DeVos shows us why we must all start with a strong foundation. Betsy DeVos attended two private schools that set her off in the right direction. The first private school was Holland Christian High School. This place instilled into young Betsy’s heart a passion for Christian private education. The second private school Betsy attended was Calvin College. Here, after years of study, she received an economics degree in business.


The life of Betsy DeVos also shows us why we all must promote our values. Every worldview is competing for dominance. That is just the truth. If you want your worldview to be on top, then you better be out there promoting your ideas. Betsy DeVos has done this by becoming politically active. She has served the Republican party as both the National Committeewoman for Michigan (1992-1997) as well as the Chairwoman of the Republican Party in Michigan (1996-2000). The Republicans were so pleased with her service in this role that they re-elected her to that position in 2003.


Betsy DeVos also promoted her views by heading up several Super PACs. She was a member of the Board for “Alliance for School Choice.” Also, she served the All Children Matter PAC as the head of the organization. Her legacy in the field of education would be solidified when she served as the Secretary of Education within the Trump administration.


The life of Betsy DeVos also shows us why it is important to start something of our own. Betsy DeVos teamed up with her husband Dick DeVos to create their own Foundation. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation seeks to transform our country’s cultural landscape by bolstering the five virtues that make a country strong. These virtues are education, community, arts, leadership, and justice.


Through the DeVos Foundation, Betsy has given $140 million to various organizations who support these great virtues. In 2015, DeVos generously gave over $11 million to help make our country a better place. This consistent giving has earned her the #24 spot on Forbes list of top American donors. Also, she donates to hospitals and conservative think tanks.


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The Re-branding Of Huffpost Brings On New Dynamics to Marketing

Founded by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has grown to be a leader in video marketing solution by helping businesses retain customers, increase sales and profits as well as stay on top of the competition. They also offer a dynamic way of marketing which is more persuasive, memorable and engaging. Additionally, their services are marketed by independent associated across 140 countries. The good thing about this marketing solution is that it’s open to anyone who wishes to try before making any purchases. When the company first started, they only concentrated on the email marketing system, but over the years they have expanded their products to video email and video newsletter.


Bob brings out a new dynamic to huff post after two of his articles went live. The two articles “how to understand your audience” and “promoting the purpose” went live on April days after the Huffington post was rebranded to HuffPost with the latest publication “how to thrive in a social quitters” posted days later.


The rebranding of the Huffington post is aimed at telling stories of individuals that have not been heard in the mainstream media. Irrespective of your location and the story behind your struggle and success, the Huffington post will showcase whatever you have to share. One of the HuffPost key initiatives is intertwined with Reina’s contributions as Talk Fusions Figurehead and contributor. He also firmly believes in the need for innovation because without it a brand growth wouldn’t be complete.


That is why as a leader and philanthropist he aims at setting up individuals for success despite their background, and this is evident from his articles. Reina has made a lot of contribution on the platform since 2016 with most of the issues highlighted revolving around self-development, skillful selling, lifestyle, video technology trends, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Bob Reina is also pleased that even with the launch of the platform it still holds the things that matter which includes fulfillment and culture. According to Bob, the publications aren’t going to stop anytime soon especially now that they have reached close to two hundred million readers. Learn more: