David McDonald President Of OSI Group

David McDonald OSI Group President born in 1964 in Northeast Iowa on a farm. David grew up in an agriculture environment.

David McDonald’s Education

David attended a Catholic Parochial school in his teen years. David was an outstanding student who graduated with a diploma in vocational technology.

David has excellent acting talent. David after completed his accounting degree at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, was approached by Warner Brothers Pictures because of his exceptional theatrical performance skills was offered a career in acting. David turned the offer down.

David McDonald attended Iowa State University 1983-1987. David received a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. David was a fraternity brother of Alpha Gamma Rho. David today is supportive of his fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho by giving abundantly through scholarship funding. How We’re Looking After the World

David McDonald’s Work Background

David began working at the very early age of thirteen as a paperboy. This was David’s first job and what he earned he contributed to help support his family. David took on many occupations as he worked his way to the top, such as clerical positions, switchboard operator,and machinist. Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group
OSI Group Opening doors for David McDonald

David while chairman of the North American Meat Institute, took a position as a project manager with OSI Group. David with his determination to succeed worked his way up from project manager to OSI Group President and Chief Operating Officer.

Service Provided by OSI Group

OSI Group is a premier global supplier of value-added food products to the world food services and retail food brands. They offer custom food processing services.

 A few OSI Group Customers

  • Subway
  • McDonald’s
  • Papa John
  • Starbucks
  • Burger King

David McDonald Acquisition of Baho Food

OSI Group acquired Baho Foods a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats and the processing of other foods. OSI Group gained a significant presence in servicing the European region. Baho Food has five subsidiaries with processing plants in Netherlands and Germany. OSI Group Acquires Dutch Company Baho Foods
Five Companies Listed Below

  • Gelderland Frischwaren
  • Vital Convenience
  • Henri Van de Bilt
  • Bakx Foods
  • Q Smart Life

The acquisition broadens OSI Group business ventures tremendously providing service leads to eighteen European countries.

David McDonald Accomplishment

David McDonald prestigious businessman expert of agricultural activities starting from a farm life in Iowa with the support of his family brought OSI Group once a family owned business and grew OSI Group into a multinational corporation with education and experience, employing thousands of people around the world.