Jeremy Goldstein, Esq., Is On the Side of Employees and Investors

There is a progressive conversation taking place within corporations regarding gaining and/or losing employee and investor incentives. Earnings per Share (‘EPS’) and other types of incentive-based programs and how they should be used is on the corporate table. Leading the conversation is Jeremy L. Goldstein a New York City attorney.


Jeremy Goldstein, Esq. founded his own law firm in 2014 called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. His practice concentrates on issues involving corporate pay governance. He counsels worldwide CEOs and fiscal management groups. Attorney Goldstein is in the forefront of the compensation discussions because corporation are deciding whether to prove its employees with stock options in lieu of a higher salary.


Attorney Jeremy Goldstein’s representation for EPS is because shareholders buy or sell based on this concept, plus EPS is an incentive for companies to pay varied amounts to their employees. While EPS sounds like a sound financial incentive for everyone, unfortunately, if not handled fairly, a competitive side of working with trading and shares, can lead to an unfair financial advantage for employees.


There are CEO opponents of EPS. Opponents believe that EPS gives an unfair advantage to top managerial executives because they decide whether or not certain financial measurements or a typical value is being met and how it should be vetted. In other words, certain illegal or misleading actions could be introduced into the EPS equation.


Top lawyer Jeremy Goldstein believes that a compromise can exist between the opponents of an EPS platform and the EPS proponents. He suggests that rather than not use the pay per performance system, that CEOs and company executives’ feet should be held to the fire for their actions, making them more responsible. This action says Attorney Goldstein, will assure that the pay per performance payouts are equal to and rationalized with the company’s continued long-term financial share and trading growth.


Attorney Jeremy Goldstein works with prestigious companies like Bank One, AT&T, Verizon, etc. Jeremy has received many accolades for being a leading executive compensation lawyer. He was recognized by The Legal 500 and Chambers USA Guide for Leading Lawyers for Business. Jeremy Goldstein, Esq. also services on several outstanding law journal boards. He is the chairman of the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee and is a member of the Business Section Division of the American Bar Association.


Jeremy Goldstein, Esq., is a charitable philanthropist. Attorney Goldstein supports The Fountain House, which is a non-profit organization that helps people with mental illness become active and important members of the community by teaching them how to work, live, and learn new life changing skills.


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