Jason Hope Views on Internet of Things and Longevity Treatment

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest technology that has taken our daily operations to the next level. Jason Hope is a great investor from Phoenix known for his accurate prediction in the technology field. Notably, Jason Hope is the epitome of hope for the needy in society from his involvement in several charitable deeds (Inspirery). 


Jason Hope


Recently, we have witnessed outrageous climatic changes in many parts of the world, and global warming is becoming a significant concern giving global leaders sleepless nights in order to change the world. Recently we have seen recent and unfortunate fires in areas such as the Amazon and Australian fires affecting wildlife. Jason Hope notes that IoT might be the ultimate solution to dealing with some of the issues we encounter. Nonetheless, healthcare providers have not been left out with the introduction of technologies that enhance personal life. Besides, Jason hints that smart devices are rising, which conforms with his prediction some years back. 


According to Jason, nearly all devices will be interconnected in the next few years as automation and remote control solutions are necessary for this digital age. Jason Hope also predicted new medical procedures that would transform the health sector. Although stem cells topics have been discussed openly for many decades, he hinted at introducing anti-aging and longevity solutions on the procedures that rely on the utilization of stem cells procedures. According to Jason Hope, stem cells treatment requires adequate research to get the benefits linked to this medical procedure.

Jason is a finance degree and MBA holder from ASU, whose philanthropic deeds and investment skills intrigue many.

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