Jason Hughes, CEO, Chairman, and owner of Hughes Marino

San Diego, California is home to the largest and exclusive company, Hughes Marino. This firm offers representation for both tenant and buyer. Jason Hughes has been at the forefront of this groundbreaking legislation in California to the representation of tenants. He is the CEO, Chairman, and chief executive officer of Hughes Marino. Jason Hughes received his B.S. in Business Administration at Pepperdine and followed by attending the University of San Diego to receive an M.B.A. and graduating in 1993. He continued his education by attending Harvard, UCLA, and UCSD for executive programs. 


Hughes is versed in expansion negotiations and financial projections. Jason Hughes prides himself and his company by specializing in solutions to help companies in their planning and design. The best thing is achieving this with no conflict of interest. Whether it is a tenet or buyer representation, Jason Hughes offers this service to both to the satisfaction of each. Hughes represents the go-to company to consult about all phases of the transactions for leases or purchases.


The successful businessman and entrepreneur Jason Hughes offers programs management, portfolio lease administration, and advisory. His company wants both parties to walk away satisfied they received the best offer. Hughes Marino was named the number one Best Small Workplace in 2018, and the number two Top Company Culture in the nation by Entrepreneur. Jason Hughes’s provision of a positive work environment continues to enable employees to trust leaders and respect how people in the work arena are treated.


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