Joseph Ashford: An Old-fashioned Entrepreneur in a New World

While Joseph Ashford’s history is rich in every aspect of the world, his entrepreneurship journey began after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in commerce. Ashford quickly earned his CPA designation before venturing out on his own. Joseph started his career as a consultant in 2001 and opened his consulting firm, Primus Consulting Group Inc., in 2004. Primus offered various services that were designed to help business owners solve their most pressing challenges. Primus then expanded and became K4 Global in 2014. Joseph Ashford studied accountancy and business management at Cambridge University, then did a further year of post-graduate studies at Harvard Business School before becoming a chartered accountant in 1980. He worked at one of the leading US consulting firms and worked with several multinational companies during his studies. The company’s clients included Apple Computers, ABC Television, Kellogg Company, Citicorp, and Rolls Royce. Ashford moved to London in 1985, where he gained further experience working with other large companies. His next job was a senior management position at EMI Music, where he worked with Michael Jackson, Dire Straits, and Pink Floyd.


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Joseph Ashford: K4 Global’s Employee Relationship Management platform is instrumental in helping organizations holistically communicate with their employees. This, in turn, leads to happier employees, higher productivity, more satisfied customers, and a greater return. In addition to helping clients raise capital through equity and debt financings, K4 Global London also manages individual investor relations.

When working with clients, Ashford says one of the most valuable aspects of its services is the assistance it offers entrepreneurs before, during, and after an initial coin offering (ICO). “We can explain to the companies who we work with how to articulate their story so they can build the ecosystem around their coin and the technology behind it,” Joseph Ashford said. “They are unable to do that without an expert in this area.” Joseph says, “We provide transparency with the prospect. The reason we do this is to make it easier for investors to buy into the coins.”

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