Miki Agrawal is Developing Innovative and Reusable Underwear for Period

Recycling is one of the modern themes that is currently being encouraged by organizations and individuals handling various activities. It is a very attractive technique of protecting the scarce resources that the world currently has. With the increasing global population and the declining resources, recycling is the only alternative that people around the world can incorporate so that they can continue to enjoy what is readily available. Unfortunately, there are very few organizations that are interested in recycling.

Some of the organizations have a perception that the issue of recycling is an expense they are not willing to undertake. However, Miki Agrawal has developed a business organization that bases its operations on reusability. THINX is an organization that was founded by Miki to create reusable underwear for periods. This is something that is yet to be incorporated by any other organization in the country today because it is a unique idea.

Millions of women around the world have been experiencing considerable challenges every month when they have to buy sanitary pads for periods. This is a recurring expense that does not go away up to a certain age. According to Miki Agrawal, besides being an expensive undertaking, sanitary pads have been contributing to excessive waste products in the world. The waste generated by sanitary pads every year is too much to handle for the world, and there is a need for an emergency solution.

In developing countries, most young girls and women have been finding it really hard to access sanitary pads for periods. As such, they have been forced to rely on other unhygienic clothing materials that are not only dirty but which can contribute to significant health problems. Miki Agrawal is addressing such issues in Uganda, where she donates millions of reusable underwear for periods every year and thereby minimizes the use of unhygienic clothing materials.