Steph Korey: From Suitcases to Riches

Steph Korey is the thick-skinned CEO of Away, a company known for producing luxurious and durable suitcases. Ironically enough, she previously owned plenty of cheaply made suitcases before she became CEO.


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Another very special characteristic about Steph Korey is her determination to always pursue the highest expectations for herself and the people around her. She sticks to her principles and only hires the best of the best. She also believes that the best way to truly learn is on-the-job training.

Steph Korey has had her fair share of hardships. For her this meant studying feverishly for her MBA exams in which she believed was one of the sole reasons she became the CEO of Away. Steph Korey even completed her finals in a hotel room to rest assured that she would pass them.

Unfortunately, after Steph Korey became CEO of Away, there were many issues that made themselves present. Many outside sources believed that Steph was operating a company that was more toxic than productive; however, Steph was sincere in her realizations and even stepped down to executive chairman, but she remained a huge part of the company. She encountered extreme cyberbullying. Many critics even made nasty comments about her unborn baby.

Moving forward, Steph Korey realized that many of the news outlets were lying about the so- called allegations that she was operating a toxic environment. She offered apologizes and even stated that she would step away from the company. She ultimately did not leave the company but remained persistent in her actions.

She tells other companies to be open to advice from others, but always trust gut instincts. She has experience working with an e-commerce business and testing high quality items in her company. Lastly, since both of Steph’s parents are from different parts of the world, she has love for all cultures.