The Career of Vinod Gupta

Vinod might be one of the richest men in the world now but he was not always the big hot shot he is today. He was born in a small dirt poor town in India where they did not even have the most basic necessities. But he vowed he would go on to succeed so that he could get his parents out of poverty & give them the life they deserve. As such, he aced all of his classes in high school & went on to get into one of the best schools in India. When he was done with that, he opted to move to the US so he could enroll in grad school at UN & get his MBA. He went on to graduate in the spring of 71 & this is when his life changed for good. He took a job working for commodore for about a year but knew he was destined for greater things than this. So he went to the local bank & took out a loan of $100 from them. In less than a month, he was able to turn that small loan into a sum total of $22 grand. He was able to use this money to open a business of his own & he opted to call it ABI. It went through a lot of name changes over the years but he was always the head of the company. By 98, he had resumed his role as the CEO & decided to change the name to info usa. Over the next decade, he went on to acquire a lot of different companies & he made it into a powerhouse business. He later opted to sell it off for a whopping $680 million in the spring of 2010. He lives in Nebraska.