The Incomparable Dedication of Dr. Alddo A. Molinar

Dr. Alddo A. Molinar is a University of Texas Southwestern Medical School graduate specializing in Anesthesiology. He is renowned in the medical community for his precision and dedication to patients and their full recovery. For over 16 years, he has continuously devoted his medical prowess and technological visions to medicine and improving patients’ experience. Understanding the importance technology adds to the medical field, Dr. Alddo Molinar selflessly advocates for amplified monitoring equipment for anesthesiologists and digital medical records. Both advancements would allow doctors to allocate more attention to the patient instead of parceling their time with gadgetry. 


Dr. Alddo Molinar


Because Dr. Molinar was such a precocious child, his parents of Mexican descent convinced their son that his abilities were not finite. His innate academic proficiency was unceasingly encouraged by those in his life. Before his stellar career as a physician, Alddo Molinar saw his family members stricken with cancer. This helplessness he felt would be the ministering professional support surrounding him, which would later assist in propelling him into the world of medicine. Alddo Molinar attended Trinity University, earning a BS in Biology. His residency at Cleveland Clinic is where he received his training in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.


Throughout his career, accountability has been vital to Dr. Molinar. He is never without his composition book, jotting down all of his current and upcoming projects, fiercely welcoming challenges along the way. Although Dr. Molinar is accomplished in his craft, he does not see his vocation as a solo endeavor. He believes in composing a good medical team and welcoming a variety of talents. Dr. Alddo A. Molinar is currently fulfilling his commitment to patients as an Anesthesiologist at Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital. In 2020, he founded Molinar Anesthesia Consultants LLC, where he serves as President.