Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen Is a Company Focused on Improving Homes in Low-Income Communities

PosiGen is a solar power company that strives to make renewable energy more accessible to people of all income levels. Their leasing program helps families and communities improve the value of their homes, pay less on energy costs and provide a better outlook for the planet’s future (Nola).


PosiGen solar power company has four goals that guide their efforts to further the cause of renewable energy and to help people of all backgrounds. Their first goal is to have a positive effect on families and their homes. The second goal is to provide jobs to a diverse spectrum of people in the community, including women and people of color. Thomas Neyhart explains that the third goal that guides PosiGen is to enable growth in low-income neighborhoods and communities that are populated by people of color. Solar power has a big impact on improving homes in areas where there are greater needs by lowering residential utility expenses and providing jobs that improve the economic conditions of those neighborhoods.


The fourth goal is to improve the environment by making solar power more prevalent, thereby decreasing the need for fossil fuel power and reducing carbon emissions. Solar power also makes communities cleaner and safer places that provide a healthier lifestyle. The idea for PosiGen was born after Hurricane Katrina when there was a need to rebuild. At this time there was a desire to make new homes more efficient than the previous ones. Along with Thomas Neyhart, the founders of PosiGen noticed that the programs were only affordable for people with higher income, and they would effectively increase the lifestyle gap even more between people of low and high wealth. PosiGen devised a solution to this problem by offering solar power to low-income residents in a way that they could afford.

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