Tom Chang MD and the Future of Eye Care

Using new or developing technology can be shied away from by skeptics in the medical field, especially ones who value more traditional methods of providing healthcare or oppose taking the all-human element out of it. Such is not true for Tom Chang MD, a world-renowned surgeon, ophthalmologist, and founder of Acuity Eye Group. Now, patients in the eye center can get a comprehensive eye examination and accurate results within half an hour.


Dr. Chang is encouraging the utilization of AI in healthcare, believing that there will be a “fundamental change” in the way physicians use AI programs to assist them in the clinical decisions that they make. As someone who wants the best results for his patients, Dr. Chang believes that utilizing new technology is essential for moving forward in the medical field, revolutionizing the way clinicians do things in-office, both administratively and in treatment (Caredash).

He purports that, although it will ultimately be the healthcare professional’s decision, AI can aid them in data analysis, moving more quickly to find the best method possible for a positive outcome. Another benefit is minimally invasive checkups for the patient, taking away some fear and stigma associated with visiting the doctor. It can even benefit patients and physicians alike by making wait-times and scheduling more efficient. According to Tom Chang MD, all of this leads to more people being proactive about their health, and as a result, detecting problems earlier. The hope is that this results in treatment before it’s too late or becomes a more noticeable problem. In opticare, Dr. Chang suggests, early detection is critical to preserving one’s sight.