Tom S Chang MD Success in Ophthalmology

Over ten years ago, Tom S Chang MD, launched Acuity Eye Group in Pasadena with the main focus of single eye retina practice. Currently, the organization has more than 60 branches. He says that the company has grown to be the biggest ophthalmology group in the US. In a recent interview, Tom S Chang MD said that medicine is a calling, and having the ability to serve and practice as a physician is regarded as an honor. He says practicing medicine continues to humble him. Over the years, the practice has helped him realize that people trust doctors and other medical practitioners with their lives.


Dr. Tom S Chang MD says that he loved and enjoyed every field of study in medical school. However, he felt that ophthalmology was his calling and completely fell in love with it. He added to say that the ophthalmology field allows him to explore three critical aspects that would not be available in other areas, which include:


  • Procedures with quick recovery and an extraordinary visual sense
  • A whole and complete retinal examination of color, tissues, and contour examination explains why the patient can’t see. Tom S Chang MD has shown to be one of the few experts able to apply this procedure.
  • Ability to determine the presence and absence of an illness in organs via detailed examination


Tom S Chang MD, was a professor for 12 years when he realized that academic medicine was not his calling. It’s when he decided to focus on clinical practice, which he felt was more rewarding. He also made another life decision to settle down and start a family, and he explains that both decisions came in naturally. Tom S Chang MD and his vision for his company was to create a medical group with thoughtful doctors who enjoy their work and respect patients and clients like he does. He also envisioned providing the highest level of care. He feels that he has achieved his goal and added that his company is the most prominent automated telemedicine clinical examiner globally with an Acuity of 360.


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