Franci Neely

What Franci Neely loves most about travel Franci Neely is a travel expert and has some excellent advice for young people when it comes to traveling. Her favorite thing about traveling is meeting new people and seeing different cultures. She always recommends that young people travel more, especially to places […]

Vik Bansal

Vik Bansal was born in New Delhi, India, and grew up there. His father, having retired from the Indian Army as a captain, got into teaching, and Vik completed his high school education at St. Columba’s School in New Delhi. He then moved to Wallingford for his undergraduate studies, pursuing […]

Understanding Franci Neely’s Background

Franci Neely is a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She has worked her way up through hard work and commitment. Before becoming the most outstanding philanthropist she is today, Neely was a full-time lawyer. She worked at Susman Godfrey L.L.P as a partner, where she made many successful deals. Neely […]

Katelyn Berry, VP of B2C Marketing at Michelin, graduates from the Diversity Leaders Initiative

Katelyn Berry, the Vice President of B2C Marketing North America at Michelin, graduated from the Riley Institute’s Diversity Leaders Initiative. The DLI trains business leaders with the tools to lead and improve diversity in their organizations. The DLI’s curriculum covers topics like defining diversity and diversity and the law. The […]