Complete Control Across Your Supply Chain With New Cloud Inventory Release From DSI

The most recent release of Cloud Inventory allows end-users to view the real-time availability of assets, inventory, tools, job site supplies, and inventory that is shipped and ready to ship from the same system. Once inside a physical distribution center, the demands on inventory control are overwhelming, but if you take the risk, you’ll be left behind.

The latest Field Inventory version helps organizations with part orders, tracking delivery and consignment inventory, multi-level stocks, and inventory count across the supply chain. The management software offers a broader set of features to meet buyers’ needs, including tracking and controlling products on fulfillment workstations, external devices, mobile devices, and customers.

DSI Global’s solution enables businesses to quickly update workflows with AI-driven business rules that change the way inventory is managed, reduce operational costs and improve customer experience with this industry-leading cloud-based, application-based software solution. This product release will allow users to:

  • Remove friction from the supply chain by easily monitoring and controlling products throughout the entire process and improve the customer experience by collecting products directly from customers.
  • Enhance financial reporting and analytics with new tools and reporting modules that enable procurement professionals to make more informed decisions.
  • Reduce the need for middleware and implement standard tools and processes across the entire supply chain.

“We are excited to launch Cloud Inventory Version 6 with expanded features to improve overall visibility and customer experience,” said David Harpman, DSI’s Vice President of Product Management. “The new release provides deeper data analytics, a broader vendor ecosystem, and tighter integration with leading ERP and EAM systems.”

According to a recent report, “1 in 4 manufacturing and distribution organizations have adopted the cloud for their software, with these organizations spending more than $25 million on cloud computing services and software last year.” With Cloud Inventory, inventory managers can build custom applications for each customer or location. No other solution offers automated ordering to push products to the customer or maintains the current inventory levels. See this page for some amazing reviews about them.


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