Gary McGaghey, the CFO

In every organization, roles are clearly defined and assigned to the individuals with that specialization or a given department. These roles keep evolving as time goes by, requiring the individuals responsible for continually advancing their skills to suit the changes. The CFO role is among the roles that are very important in a firm, and the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has changed how the role operates. Remote and hybrid labor management have become the new normal resulting in the change of the CFO role into a strategic influencer and problem solver for the organization.

The resultant expansion of the CFO role requires the finance leaders to join the corporate objective to action, which will help create faster, better sustainable business activities. It also ensures the business is operating competitively with similar market players. Gary McGaghey possesses experience as chief finance officer in different companies and a group CFO for different international companies. In Williams Lea Tag, a company owned by equity firms PE Group and Advent International, Gary McGaghey serve as the chief finance officer. In the different organizations that Gary has worked for, he has served in high positions, most of which were finance positions.  Learn more

As the CFO in William Lea Tag, Gary McGaghey is in charge of cost restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs, divestitures, and balance sheet refinancing. These activities are among the most important in the growth and operations of the company. Gary’s vast experience as a financial officer has contributed to his performance in the current role. Gary can assess the financial information of the company and guide in decision making considering the firm’s financial status. McGaghey is among the people who are excited by technological advancements. To him, working from any part of the world or at the comfort of your home is among the technological advancements that excite him.