Georgette Mulheir Explains the Major Natural Disasters Facing Haiti Every Year

There are very many countries in the world today that have been very unlucky with respect to their leadership and natural resources. Such nations all around the world do not have anything to show, which means that they have to build a modern country that depends on the skills and the experiences that people will be acquiring. Everything seems to spiral out of control if such nations do not have the most appropriate global leadership teams. However, Georgette Mulheirs points out, as for Haiti, there is a feeling that there are very many issues that this country needs to address. It is in the public domain that this nation has suffered and that its leadership is not the best. Today, Haiti is living under a transition government, which happens to be dictatorial at the same time. 


That is why it has been very difficult for the country to start moving forward as people have been expecting. However, the problems seem to be aggravating. There is no country in the world today that has been facing extreme levels of natural disasters like Haiti. Recently, the country recorded one of the significant earthquakes in Haiti. Georgette Mulheir is aware that more than two hundred deaths were recorded, with scores injured and millions of people displaced from their homes. Such earthquakes are common owing to the fact that Haiti is located in a geologically active region. Besides the earthquakes that this nation has been facing in recent times, it is essential to indicate that hurricanes have been forming another major disaster in the country. 


Every year, the Haitian country is at a huge risk of facing a major hurricane or any other natural disaster which means that its coastal region is unbearable not only to the tourists but also to the locals. Such natural disasters have become an impending problem that will prevent this country from establishing itself in the world for years to come. That includes fighting against Covid-19. Georgette Mulheir is currently working hard to communicate the problems that this country is already facing. Millions of people already acknowledge that Haiti has a long way to overcome the current problems. However, the international bodies need to provide the necessary solution so that the nation can recover from political instability and the annual natural disasters that the country is facing.


Follow up on Georgette Mulheir´s activism in Haiti