Gordonstoun: An Outstanding School Across the Globe

Gordonstoun school is well recognized for excelling academically and equipping its students well to face life.

This has been possible due to the school’s comprehensive curriculum pushing every student to realize their full potential beyond academics fully.

Within the school programs are outdoor activities that have been manageable due to the school’s location.

Gordonstoun school is found on a woodland estate of 200 acres in the northern part of Scotland.

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The school ensures that its students gain immeasurable experience as team players and leaders.

They are also taught the art of having compassion and an understanding of their fellows.

The school admits students of all calibers every year with diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

This type of interaction between students enables them to learn a lot from each other, and thus every individual improves themselves.

Gordonstoun is one of the few schools offering boarding services full-time and therefore has a seven-day program.

This program enables the students to efficiently utilize the school facilities, including music studios and sports centers.

Students from Gordonstoun are offered every chance to grow spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually since the school believes that the more expertise one gain, the broader the mind gets.

One of the famous alumni of Gordonstoun school is Prince Philip, whose history with the school is remembered till to date.

As a student at the school back then, Prince Philip the Moray badge award is a school tradition for recognizing students for their achievements and self-improvement.

The guy responsible for the establishment of Gordonstoun is known as Dr. Kurt Hahn, and he is also behind the invention of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Prince Philip aided the development of this award.

The famous award has had a positive impact on the lives of several young people in almost 150 countries even though it was first established at Gordonstoun.

Prince Philip had the desire to assist young people in making a transition from school to the national service, and this award made it possible.

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