Greg Blatt Explains What Makes Him a Good Leader

Greg Blatt has held some of the top positions in several companies over the last two decades. Blatt is best-known as the CEO of the Tinder and Match dating platforms but also headed the Martha Stewart Living brand as its General Counsel. The legal expert believes his non-traditional approach to life has given him the x-factor needed to lead businesses in the new technology fields.

To say Greg Blatt fell into the legal sector would be an understatement. Before making his way to Columbia to study law, the free-spirited professional made his way around the U.S. looking for his direction. Blatt freely admits to spending his time working odd jobs and living in a tent before getting serious about his studies. Blatt believes his time spent studying law has prepared him for his current career as a business leader. Critical thinking is needed to take new technologies to a successful future.

Greg Blatt began his career as a lawyer working in one of the largest New York mergers and acquisition firms. The work ethic needed to keep the company at the top of the sector impressed Blatt. However, he felt a different challenge was needed to keep himself at the top of the business sector.

The new technology sector has been important for Greg Blatt and led to him becoming one of the leading members of the business area. During his career, Greg Blatt has been mentored by some of the most famous names in business, including Martha Stewart. As the CEO of Match and Tinder, Greg Blatt has taken the online dating platforms to new periods of success.

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