How Andrew Frame Works

Citizen’s Founder and CEO is Andrew Frame. Citizen is the first app to integrate location data with 911 intelligence to keep you and your loved ones safe. It was launched in 2017.

The term “Citizen” is derived from the word citizen. When I began to consider what the world lacked, where I realized there was no free product that employed technology to keep you safe wherever on the planet, I concluded I needed to build Citizen App.

This is how an average day in Andrew Frame’s life looks like his team’s standup meetings start at 7 a.m., and he spends the rest of the day thinking about and working on Product. Product is where his abilities as a thinker and builder lie, and then he meets with our Product Managers every day to discuss how they are doing against their objectives. Ballroom dancing is a hobby he picked up during the pandemic. A dance lesson, a homecooked lunch, a glass of red wine, and a book of poetry or literature are usually how he ends his day.

How Andrew Frame makes ideas come to existence to begin, he surrounds himself with a mission-driven, innovative group of people. It’s all about the team; he always hires more brilliant people than him. His Citizen team comprises some of the most talented and considerate individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Andrew Frame has a routine that helps him be more productive as an entrepreneur. With his passions outside of work, he feels that he will be a more effective entrepreneur. Reading technology or business books does not provide him with nearly as much inspiration as studying poetry, literature, and film. he encourages his entire team to pursue their hobbies outside of work he asks new employees to discuss their favorite hobby outside of work when he introduces them to the rest of the group at their weekly all-hands meeting. See this page for more information.


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