Jake Medwell and Loren Smith On Automated Technologies and Transportation

Automated technologies have been advancing quickly in the transportation sector. The impact of new automation could be tremendous and regulations are most likely to follow. With so much advancement creating an exciting time, this is also a moment to take caution. Although the technology is experiencing much improvement, such as helping to increase efficiency and even save lives, the time of the autonomous vehicle will most likely be a number of years away. While many advancements are being made quickly, the regulators are looking for ways to slow down the push and create paths that allow more time for research and development. Automated technologies will not be taking over drivers at the moment, as it may be over ten years before the technology will become ever-present.

With the worry of this automation technology taking the jobs of real-life humans, there is much blowback from the job growth sector. While the Obama administration had a focus more on this sort of technology, the current Biden administration has a focus on job creation, which may slow progress and development. With new investigations coming from the NHTSA into autopilot programs the use of the technology and the development may slow in coming years. Trucking technology may be experienced as soon as 2030, however, a human driver would still be in the cab, and a driverless version could be seriously discussed as soon as 2040. With the technology going into trucks, trucking could become safer. The future looks bright for automated technology in vehicles.

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