Jason Hope: Supporter of Health Advances

An expert in anti-aging and longevity, entrepreneur Jason Hope commends the utilization of stem cells; however, he feels further research is needed to maximize the potential benefits of stem cells in medicine. With the union of medicine and technology, he foresees progress in using stem cells in longevity research. According to Jason Hope, stem cell research has resulted in the growth of “parent” cells that can produce new cells in the body. This cellular production has brought hope in the medical sector involved in regenerative treatments for such conditions as strokes, heart disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s. 


With this regeneration of cells, effective care can occur with numerous age-related diseases and conditions that cause the deterioration of the body and the mind as rejuvenation is made possible. Jason Hope directs philanthropic efforts in the health industry through groups such as the SENS [Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence] Organization (Everybodywiki). 


Jason Hope


He understands that distrust by the general public can result from companies that make exaggerated claims or fail to perform sufficient research, testing and development of their treatments that medical communities have not fully vetted. Because of this public distrust, successful investor Jason Hope is supportive of the long-term research needed to generate successful breakthrough treatments with stem cells that will be trustworthy. These treatments can then demonstrate substantial improvement over the available therapy and be objectively measured.


Jason Hope continues his support for the extensive research of the SENS [Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence] Organization. This research is aimed at creating treatments that can help in the prevention of degenerative diseases. Breakthrough science resulting from this research can potentially increase the long-term quality of life for people. It may also be effective in replacing retinal cells for those with macular degeneration and repairing organs. For Jason Hope, as the harvesting of stem cells promises the potential of preventing degenerative effects of many major diseases while increasing the quality of life for many, Jason Hope’s support for the research comes with the promise for expansion of this promising research that can improve the lives of many individuals.