Krishen Iyer a Step Ahead

Some people set career goals that really follow a straight line. Krishen Iyer is not one of those people. A self starter right out of college he successfully launched MNP or you might know it as Name my Premium. The successful businessman Krishen Iyer´s insurance company was so successful that it was included on the coveted Inc.5000 list in 2015. As if that was not proof of his ability to create something good he founded MBS.


The Managed Benefits Services firm, a licenced insurance and marketing firm. The entrepreneur´s new venture had combined goals of working with clients to find specialized solutions to their insurance needs and also generate new leads for the companies it serviced. Krishen Iyer recognized early on that online marketing was vital to the insurance industry and to the many needs and services of his clients. 


Iyer is not short sighted as he used his knowledge of the industry and launched MAIS Consulting. This new licensing agency provides services to companies needing core policies and contracting development plans for marketing businesses (Businessinsider).

Krishen Iyer believes that he and his team should maintain a relationship with each client to ensure their success. By devoting the time and resources to his clients he helps them achieve the outcome they desire. While his company MAIS Consulting is based in California they have a growing clientele across the U.S. Led by Krishen Iyer and with a growing market in the digital media his goal of becoming the top consultancy group in any area is achievable.