Larry Baer Talks Baseball And Business

Larry Baer is the SF Giants CEO, and he has been in charge since 1996. He has seen a lot during his tenure with the team, but none more memorable than when they won in 2010 against Texas. The series was called one of the sports’ most dramatic turnarounds ever by many fans – Larry talked about these moments and more when we spoke to him last week.

During his tenure as Giants CEO, there have been so many big memories for baseball fanatics- none are bigger than when they beat Texas for the 2010 Championship after being down three games to one. He also told us even more things related to how business works within sports teams. The SF Giants CEO shared thoughts on working between different areas of expertise, keeping things fresh while maintaining consistency, and much more.

Many people who work in the SF Giants organization and fans of the team know how important it is to stay flexible when things happen. Things can change so quickly, and the Giants CEO has been able to adapt along with them- especially during those big moments for baseball fanatics like the 2010 Championship Series. He wants his employees to take what they learn from the SF Giants and work with other teams as well so that everyone can be better.

Larry Baer Bio

Larry was born on June 15, 1957, in New York City. He attended Dartmouth College where he majored in economics, played baseball for four years there, and graduated with a BA degree in 1978. After college, he went to work at Morgan Stanley but didn’t stay long because they wanted him to move out west – which would have separated him from his family back east.

Instead, he became an independent securities broker before he was hired by Safeway as Director of corporate finance when it bought Sand’s electronics division circa 1990s. During this time period- right around 1994- he also worked part-time in the Giants’ ticket department, which launched his love of baseball. Visit this page for more information.


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