LifeWave: The Future of Wellness and Healthy

LifeWave allows users to see and experience all they can do with the ability to quantify activity for both their professional and personal life.

In this way, users can see how they are performing in real-time and learn how to better monitor their activities and plan their future behaviors.

Their users will not only learn how to live longer and improve their health but also how to improve their quality of life.

LifeWave uses its patented SENSOR technology to capture, measure, and analyze biophysical signals within the body.

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Biophysical signals are essentially the is to help people live healthier, happier, longer.

Their energy and hydration supplements have a product line of 16 products including Pure Peak, NOS™, 100% Natural Hydration, RxV®, and Suffer Less™.

LifeWave uses the latest technology, nanotechnology, and organically sourced ingredients to get the necessary hydration and nutritional balance into the body.

Their supplements are composed of all-natural, no-ingredient, and non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients.

LifeWave is the world’s first telehealth solution that facilitates healthcare by focusing on these three essential aspects.

This unique approach to healthcare is supported by scientific evidence, allows patients to improve their outcomes while reducing healthcare costs, and improves work/family life balance.

It is not only more efficient for patients but provides a more effective way of treating a range of conditions that can affect performance.

LifeWave’s unique medical model improves the quality of life, not only for the individual with a disease but also their family members who are experiencing the day-to-day impact of the disease.

The LifeWave X39 is the first inflatable, self-expanding, saline-filled full-body exercise system for safe full-body movement, combined with a prescription medication that provides an overall improvement in health and vitality.

The biometric analysis is done by a licensed physician and results in data-based prescription medication to support continued physical activity, maintenance of a healthy weight, and use of the LifeWave X39 to reduce or prevent the development of heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

The PIONEER program, made available for select qualified patients, is a set of proven exercise techniques designed to support the medication.

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