Luke Lazarus’ Career and the Services Offered by his Consultancy Firm

Luke Lazarus is a passionate business consultant who is highly recognized for his brutal role in helping grow startups in Australia.

As the founder and CEO of Luke Lazarus Consulting Company, Luke is determined to see as many upcoming entrepreneurs navigate through the complex entrepreneurial field.

He has extensive experience in multiple industries and offers a range of consultancy services which include, strategy consulting, growth hacking, customer development, product management, and roadmap planning.

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Luke Lazarus’ Business Consultancy Journey

Luke started his journey as a business consultant at the age of 35 years.

This was after spending approximately ten years managing his four private businesses in Australia.

Having succeeded within the entrepreneurial journey and acquired practical experience of Australia’s business environment, Luke sold his four businesses for millions of dollars to join the business consultancy realm.

He launched Luke Lazarus Consulting, which has grown to be among the best business consultancy firms in Melbourne, Australia.

Services offered by Luke’s Consultancy Firm

Having acquired practical experience on how to successfully launch and grow a business, Luke has positioned his firm to provide a range of services to potential entrepreneurs.

These services include access to Luke’s network, mentorship, market research, and engaging management consulting strategies.

One of the major challenges faced by new entrepreneurs is how to navigate through business data to identify their customer’s requirements.

Going through market research reports before launching a business can be quite strenuous, but this service is offered by Luke Lazarus Consulting firm.

Besides his consultancy services, Luke holds constant talks with angel investors all over Australia.

He maximizes his connections with angel investors to help young entrepreneurs with amazing business ideas that need funding.

The angel investors are managed by Luke Lazarus Consulting, which acts as a bridge between the young entrepreneurs and the network of angel investors.

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