Online Trading Academy and Peter Swan Believe Educated Retail Traders and Investors make Profits

Online Trading Academy, funded by Mike Richardson, is a global leader in providing financial education. Despite taking different career paths, anyone should be equipped with extensive education on how to manage money. This is because, if people are equipped with quality education on how to manage resources, they will be in a position to make wise investment and savings investments decisions, preventing them from running bankrupt once their employment contract comes to an end or after retirement. Also, for those who have taken an undergraduate or graduate financial degree but want to venture into financial markets, this education may not be enough since colleges offer less detailed financial education.

Therefore it is good to take a financial course from leading global providers, Online Trading Academy being one of them. The Academy prides itself in producing more than eighty students since its inception. Richardson has spearheaded OTA’s growth from one center to over forty locations spread across the world by laying down strategic approaches.

Student-centric princinciple is what has brought this meteoric success. Poisoned in offering quality services in all its centers, the Academy employs world-class financial educators who share in its vision. The tutors are bound to adopting its step-by-step Core Strategy methodology, helping investors and retail traders make sound decisions that help them achieve their short-term and long-term financial objectives.

OTA’s financial course offers the players a competitive advantage in the financial markets, placing them at par with Wall Street traders, thus not able to lose their money quickly. Like Peter Swan, a professor at UNSW, OTA disagrees with Brad Barber and Terrence Odean’s repeatedly quoted research. The research, whose assumption is that investors and retail traders mosty lose money, used Calendar-Time research methodology. However, research professor Peter Swan provided a counter-research in 2016.

Using the Holding-Period-Invariant methodology, Peter and his friends found that traders and investors of financial markets are making money, thus discouraging the use of CT research method that has for four-plus decades misled the industry. Peter and OTA share the same school of thought: If investors and retail traders have sufficient financial education, their investments will attract high returns.

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