Richard Liu – One Of China’s Finest

China has produced some of the most accomplished business founders, and one of these solid professionals is Richard Liu Qiangdong. Richard Liu, as he is known, is the founder of the famous, an e-commerce platform that was previously referred to as Jindong and 360buy ltd.

Richard is a true entrepreneurial genius and recognizes the power in of broadening his horizons. Richard Liu himself is worth a staggering $11 billion. His success has skyrocketed with the company.

For over two decades since the company got incorporated as a limited liability company, Richard has served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, CEO, and the company board of directors’ executive chairman.

Richard Liu had a similar background and upbringing as the ordinary village folks in rural China at that time. He was born and raised in a small village set up at a village known as Chang’an, located at the outskirts of the famous Suqian city of the expansive Jiangsu province in China. Like the other villages in China at that time, his Chang’an village lacked what we currently consider as essential commodities as the entire village did not have any electricity or clean running water.

It’s essential to note that Richards’s parents descended from a relatively wealthy family involved in water transportation. From early 1900, his family had established themselves as the most formidable water transportation option. Their clients were Chinese merchants who wanted to transport goods across the Yangtze River. Unfortunately, when Richard Liu was born, his family had lost their entire fortune and their grip on business. They had now resulted in subsistence rice farming like the ordinary people in the Chang’ian village.

Liu Qiangdong was a bit privileged to get raised by his maternal grandmother, who managed to pass down most of the apprenticeship skills that Richard utilizes until to date.

Richard attributes most of his success to his lessons and virtues while staying with his grandmother. Richard used to assist his grandmother in running most of the home chores, introduced him to a sense of responsibility and management from an early age. See this page for more information.


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