Tech Mogul, Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the CEO and founder of, a successful e-commerce company in China. It was formerly known as Jingdong and was incepted in 2004. Richard Liu graduated with a degree in Sociology from the People’s University of China in 1996. The rise of the internet, made him spend most of his time learning about computer programming.

He attended China Europe International Business School to acquire EMBA. He later started his own business Jingdong, selling CD ROMs in 1998. The business rapidly grew to 12 storefronts until 2003, when the SARS outbreak in China stopped its expansion.

He worked extra hard to transform his chain of electronic stores into an online marketplace. He named the company which successfully became one of the leading e-commerce sites in the world. In 2017, it was valued at $12.7 billion and continued to rise in stock. The company is compared to Amazon, the leading e-commerce in the USA.

The online marketplace has steadily grown due to the increasing number of internet users. It diversified including computers, mobile phones, and other electronics. In transaction volume and revenue, the company is one of the massive online retailer giants in China. Alibaba Tmall is the major company’s competitor.

It is the World’s leading in AI distributions of drones and robots, possessing the biggest drone delivery system. It is building drone delivery airports and testing robotic delivery services. In 2018, it launched its first autonomous truck, believed to replace human labor with a driverless system. being the second e-commerce company in China has over 220 million active customers and over 150,000 employees. Liu is among the top 200 world’s billionaires worth $14.1 billion.

Liu’s retail method increased consumer trust because of its honesty and reliability. His hard work and determination in running his business have made him receive prestigious awards and be recognized as one of the greatest leaders.