The Gaming World-Activision Blizzard

In the recent announcement, Microsoft will be taking over Activision Blizzard, an organization surrounded by many accusations. Activision Blizzard is a video game publishing firm that has been in the spotlight for its work culture and pending lawsuits for sexual harassment and gender discrimination. However, Microsoft will benefit from an organization that has invested in game development studios that have inched closer to unionization over the past several months.

Phil Spencer is the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, and taking over the gaming company will allow him to add more to the firm. The Chief Executive Officer can improve on the video games and work on a franchise for consumer achievement. Phil Spencer was recently interviewed by the Washington Post and was asked about the company staff’s complaints. The Chief Executive Officer mentioned that leaders in the gaming firm believed in their opportunity, and he will work towards the complaints. Phil is committed to improving the working culture of the gaming firm by making the workplace the best for his employees.

The gaming company creates numerous games and acts as the centerpiece of Microsoft’s strategic thinking around the acquisition. The games created have the most popular titles globally, including candy crush World of Warcraft, among others. Microsoft has sealed a $68.7 billion deal with the gaming company. The procurement is an attempt to show Phil Spencer’s ability and his team have in the gaming industry. The Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft has sealed the deal amid other giant organizations in the gaming sector, including Apple, Tencent, Meta, Google, and Netflix, coming up with new gaming projects.

Phil Spencer, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, is ready to take the Activision Blizzard gaming company to another level. Phil explains that together with his team, they have a new way of viewing the games, and not everything must run on a single platform. Phil is a lad working together with the gaming company’s board, and he is looking forward to improving the gaming industry.

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