Tieks CEO Recognized As A Community Hero During The Pandemic

Kfir Gavrieli, CEO of Tieks, made the news for being a community hero during the pandemic. When COVID-19 started to spread, it was brought to Gavrieli’s attention that essential healthcare workers needed face masks. Not only did he stop production on his shoes to make masks, but he also mobilized his fan base to help too. His campaign, Operation #SewTogether, donated over a million face masks to healthcare workers.

However, Gavrieli does not need a pandemic to be charitable. Tieks has been making a charitable impact from the beginning. Through the Gavrieli Foundation, Tieks invests in empowering women at all levels. The Gavrieli Foundation is one of the largest lenders to KIVA. KIVA is a platform that provides microloans to entrepreneurs who are living in poverty. The foundation is responsible for over $10,000,000 in microloans to help women all over the world.

The Tieks CEO believes that acts of heroism happen every day by ordinary people just living their lives. He defines heroes as people who put others ahead of themselves. Gavrieli believes that everyone can be a hero. Everyone can demonstrate selflessness and make a strong commitment to humanity.

Gavrieli believes that the response to the pandemic was overall slow. However, he is very grateful that he was in a position to help. Looking forward, he believes that this part in our history will bring about permanent change. We now have a better understanding of public health and the need to be prepared for global health problems. We also have a better appreciation for healthcare workers and their selflessness in taking care of others. The idea that humans will always attempt to do better is an ideal that Gavrieli holds close to his heart. He believes that this will cause a shift where people will band together to create a better community. Refer to this page to learn more.


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